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Our Commercial Services for Clients in League City and Surrounding Areas

Taking care of business also means taking care of your commercial property, and flooring is an essential component. Gooden Flooring knows you need the best possible results on installations to ensure your staff and visitors have a safe and comfortable place to work, shop, dine, and wander. Our team of commercial flooring professionals has 50 years of combined experience in the flooring industry, and our expertise in exceptional services and materials makes us an unrivaled choice for installations and more. While we don’t sell commercial floor covering, you can reach out to us for a consultation, during which we can help you select the flooring type, material, and other elements of your project. If your business needs expert flooring installation, baseboard installation, and other services, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Services We Offer to Business Properties

Your business property is an investment you want to take care of. Maintaining its condition and appearance is vital to making it a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for staff and visitors. Gooden Flooring understands the value of quality commercial flooring services. We help you maintain a beautiful and practical facility with various services, which include the following.

LVP Installation

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is an excellent flooring option for businesses who value aesthetics and durability. This floor covering is resistant to scratches and other wear and tear, and it comes in a wide variety of material-mimicking choices. You can find planks that emulate the look of various hardwoods, stone, and other materials. Once you’ve purchased the LVP flooring, our team will expertly install it to give you’re a beautiful new surface in your commercial building.

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Rubber and Millwork Base Installation

Choosing between a rubber base and a millwork base depends on your company’s priorities, whether they be aesthetics, cost, durability, or other factors. We install both options for commercial customers quickly and carefully to ensure they look appealing and serve your needs. A base can help you avoid dings and scratches in your walls from moving merchandise, feet scurrying around the office, and other common activities.

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Commercial Self-Leveling and Patching Concrete

It's essential to have your subfloor in top condition before installing any type of floor covering. Our team gets it ready for installation using self-leveling and patching concrete. This type of concrete ensures a smooth and level surface, and its strength and resistance to water and microorganism growth make it one of the best choices for commercial properties.

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Putting Quality in Commercial Flooring

Gooden Flooring is available to commercial customers in various communities, including League City, Deer Park, Clear Lake, Webster, El Lago, and Baytown, TX. If you need commercial flooring services in these or surrounding communities, you can reach out to us to get started on your project.

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