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Commercial Self-Leveling & Patching Concrete Services

Before new flooring is installed in your commercial building, its subfloors need to be considered. Over time, the concrete that provides a level surface for tile, hardwood, and other flooring materials can begin to wear and may require patching or replacement. Gooden Flooring is adept at preparing your building’s subfloors with self-leveling and patching concrete. The self-leveling concrete we use results in a flat and smooth surface. In addition, its compressive strength meets or exceeds that of traditional concrete. The result is a perfectly level surface, perfect for installing floor coverings over. No matter the size of your commercial project, you can count on us for simple patching or installing a completely new surface. With 50 years of combined experience, our team runs circles around our competitors. After we take care of your self-leveling concrete job, we can move on to install your new flooring. Our family business is available to help commercial building owners in League City, Nassau Bay, Baytown, La Porte, El Lago, and additional Texas communities.


The Benefits of Self-Leveling Concrete

Before having luxury vinyl planks, hardwood, or other floor coverings installed, it’s critical to ensure your building’s subfloors are in pristine condition. We all know how essential a solid foundation is, and that especially holds true of your commercial facility. Your building’s solid and level foundation will ensure a smooth and stable surface. When you trust the team at Gooden Flooring to repair your subfloor using self-leveling and patching concrete, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

With a smooth and level surface, your subfloor will be free of pits, slants, and any other problematic issues. Self-leveling concrete is water-resistant, so it’ll stay dry, and you won’t need to be concerned about water seeping into your building’s subfloor. Self-leveling concrete also resists microorganisms. Its strength and durability make it the best choice for concrete construction that’s been heavily reinforced.

Trust Gooden Flooring With Your Subfloors

With 50 years of combined experience, it only makes sense to trust the skills and expertise of Gooden Flooring. Don’t trust your flooring to just anyone, allow us to handle the crucial details of self-leveling and patching concrete in your commercial building. When you hire us, you can rest assured knowing that your subfloors will be smooth and level, so there won’t be any unexpected problems with your floor coverings. Once we finish your subfloors, we can move on to install your flooring with the same expert craftsmanship we used for your concrete work.

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